arc welding equipment

ARC welding equipment ARC-250


All day use 4.0mm electrode welding the carbn steel ,stainless steel.low alloy steel and other metals. Inverter IGBT technology, three board, double voltage.


ARC welding equipment ARC-250

ARC welding equipment also known as shielded metal arc welding machine (SMAW), flux shielded arc welding or informally as stick welding, is a manual arc welding process using an electric arc and a spool wire as weld material. While welding the wire and the workpiece fuse together forming a molten puddle which, on cooling, becomes the line of welding. As the external electrode coating evaporates, it creates a gaseous atmosphere shielding the welding puddle from the outside air. It also protects the line of welding by forming a slag, which is removed when cold.

igbt mma welder machine

ARC-250 MMA welding equipment parameter:

Input voltage: AC220V±15%, AC380V±15%
Input power: 9.6KVA
Input current: 12.5A
Rated output: 30V/250V
Output current: 20-250A
No-load voltage: 66±5V
Duty Cycle%(40°C 10min): 200A 60%, 158A 100%
Efficiency: 80%
Protection grade: IP21
Insulation grade: F
Net Weight: 5.5KG
Gross Weight: 6.5KG
Dimension of machine: 380*151*235mm

Main Features:

  • New rubber frame design
  • IGBT chip inverter technology, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Strong resistance to power grid fluctuustions. (V±15%)
  • Easy to operate and carry, economical durable and reliable
  • Easy arc starting, stable arc welding ,deep weld pool and excellent welding appearance
  • Adjustable hot striking arc current
  • Suitable for welding with different kinds of acid or basic electrodes.
  • Especially suitable for welding the carbn steel ,stainless steel.low alloy steel and other metals
  • Dual input voltage (single phase AC220V/AC380V)design to satisfy different usages

Arc welding machine detail:

IGBT for welder


Advanced IGBT technology:

More efficient, more stable, longer life



welder transformer


Compare with other brand we use whole copper material that improved 50% of the performance, and energy efficiency.



welder capacitance

High quality capacitance:

High proformence on resistance to the power grid

Current output is more stable

Better protection for IGBT


Standard accessories:

zx7 200 welder accessories

Optional accessories:

mma welder optional accessories