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Mini ARC welder Arc-300

Super mini arc welding machine, all day use 3.2 electrode. Suitable for welding the carbon steel,stainless steel, low alloy steel and other metals. Easily start arc, stable current, perfect molding.


Mini ARC welder

Mini ARC welder is a manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode coated in flux to lay the weld. An electric current, in the form of either alternating current or direct current from a welding power supply, is used to form an electric arc between the electrode and the metals to be joined. As the weld is laid, the flux coating of the electrode distintegrates, giving off vapors that serve as a shieding gas and providing a layer of slag, both of which protect the weld area from atmospheric contamination.
mini mma welder

Industrial stick welder parameter:

Model: ARC-300(160A)
Input voltage: 1PH AC220V±15%
Input power: 9.5KW
Input current: 23A
Rated output: 160A/26.4V
Output current: 20-160A
No-load voltage: 68±5V
Duty Cycle%(40°C 10min): (A/V) 300/28 60%, 165/26.2 100%
Efficiency: 85%
Protection grade: IP21
Insulation grade: F
Net Weight: 5.4KG
Gross Weight: 6.8KG
Dimension of machine: 230*145*97mm

Industrial stick welding machine main feature:

1. Single PC board,IGBT tube inverter
2. High frequency(33KHZ),improve the efficiency of the whole machine, save energy.
3. Anti static, thermostatic, fan cooled
4. Pretty appearance, light weight, stable. Compactable, protable, high efficiency and energy saving.
5. Stable arc welding,deep weld pool and good welding appearance.
6. Adopt all kinds of acidic , alkaline welding rod. Have the advantage of easily start arc, stable current, perfect molding.
7. Especially suitable for welding the carbon steel,stainless steel, low alloy steel and other metals.
8. Use for altitude work, fieldwork,indoor fitment.
9. High rated duty and have better function for push compensation.
10. Adjustable hot striking arc current.

Arc welding machine detail:

IGBT for welder


Advanced module IGBT technology:

More efficient, more stable, longer life



welder transformer


Compare with other brand we use whole copper material that improved 50% of the performance, and energy efficiency.



welder capacitance

High quality big capacitance:

High proformence on resistance to the power grid

Current output is more stable

Better protection for IGBT


Standard accessories:

zx7 200 welder accessories

Optional accessories:

mma welder optional accessories