MAG/MIG is a welding process using an electric arc and a spool wire as weld material. While welding the wire and workpiece are fused together forming a molten puddle which, on cooling, becomes the line of welding. A motor drive system feeds the wire through the torch. Unlike coated electrodes, you don’t need to replace the electrode each time and no slag is formed. The welding puddle is protected by gas that flows through the torch’s nozzle, creating a shield between the welding puddle and the atmosphere. The system is known as MIG or MAG, according to the type of gas used: MIG use Argon. MAG use CO2 or Argon/CO2 mixture.

MIG welding connection:

mig welding process

MIG/MAG welding process:

What is mig welding machine 1. Welding arc

2. Gaseous protection

3. Contact tip

4. Nozzle

5. Wire-electrode

6. Melting pool

7. Solidified deposit